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5 reasons to start sleeping naked now

5 reasons to start sleeping naked now

We all know the importance of sleep, and the negative effects on our mood, appetite, energy levels and concentration when we don’t get enough of it. It may seem to go against convention, but extensive research has shown that sleeping naked has significant benefits, both in and outside of the bedroom. Whether you sleep alone or with a partner, consider ditching the pyjamas and reap the rewards.

1. A better night’s sleep

Lowering your body temperature before bed and keeping your body cool during the night is key to enjoying uninterrupted sleep. Throughout the day, your brain regulates your body temperature to approximately 37 degrees celsius. In the evenings your temperature drops, as melatonin released by the brain signals to your body that it is time for sleep. Wearing clothes to bed therefore gets in the way of your body’s natural thermoregulation process and may contribute to difficulty getting to sleep.

2. Improved focus 

Following on from number 1, a good night’s sleep is an uninterrupted one. Overheating during the night can cause you to wake, thus interrupting Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and deep sleep. These stages of sleep are essential for cognitive functioning, mood regulation, and memory processing during your waking hours. Going nude at night will allow you to fall asleep faster, and stay that way ’till morning!

3. Improved Genital Health 

Perhaps the most compelling reason to sleep naked is its benefits for your private parts. Wearing underwear to bed traps in moisture, allowing bacteria to thrive and possibly cause a vaginal infection. Ladies, you’ve got to let your vaginas breath!

4. Boost your sex life 

Now that we’ve got your attention, listen up. If you share your bed with a partner, sleeping naked can also be great for intimacy. Removing the physical barrier of clothing literally brings couples closer to each other, whilst the skin-to-skin contact is bound to get those pulses racing.

5. Encourage a more active lifestyle

Incidentally, sleeping naked may also keep you more active. It may seem silly, but wearing pyjamas to bed makes you more likely to lounge around the house. If you wake up naked, you’ll need to get up and get dressed. This may encourage you to reach for those gym clothes too for an early morning workout!