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5 apps to help you understand your cycle

5 apps to help you understand your cycle

Have you ever been deep in conversation at work when you felt what you thought was the start of your period only to rush to the loo and discover it was just a false alarm? We’ve all been there. Understanding your cycle, including when to expect your next period, can be difficult as no two women are alike and many women experience irregular periods. But worry not, as is the case with nearly everything in 2019, there’s an app for that.

We’ve compiled a list of the best period tracking apps to help you better understand your cycle. From predicting the start of your period to estimating your ovulation window; period apps use ‘smart’ technology and your own data entries to tailor results to you. Short 21 day cycle? No problem. Apps like Clue will update your predictions accordingly. Trying to conceive? Apps like Ovia can help you estimate your most fertile days.

No matter your stage in life, it’s always helpful to understand your menstrual cycle. As women’s health expert Maisie Hill says, we “deserve to know just what the hell goes on inside [us] each month,” and we couldn’t agree more. Period trackers can help us understand why we’re feeling particularly down (perhaps it’s PMS), prepare for our periods, determine our ovulation window and everything in between. If you have a period and a smartphone, why not get downloading? 

After trying and testing countless apps, we’ve curated a list of what we believe are the 5 best period tracking apps below:

  1. Clue 

Not only has this app partnered with experts at the likes of Stanford University, Columbia University and University of Oxford to bring you the most evidence-based predictions, it’s also a favourite here at &SISTERS HQ. Clue’s interactive technology asks you to log your periods, giving you the most accurate predictions for both your next period and your peak ovulation window. You can also keep a ‘period diary’ and log data points such as sex drive, mood and pain to help you better understand how your own body reacts to different stages in your cycle.

Download Clue.

  1. Ovia

Whether you’re looking to prepare for your next bout of PMS or you’re trying for a baby, Ovia’s fertility period tracker has you covered. Not only does the app help you understand your cycle and predict the arrival of your next period, it also gives you a daily fertility score, which estimates how likely you are to fall pregnant at each stage of your cycle. While the app was designed with the aspiring mama in mind, it’s also a great way to track your own menstrual cycle and help you prepare for your next period.

Download Ovia.

  1. Flo

Flo is another favourite at &SISTERSHQ – not only will it help you understand the ins and outs of your menstrual cycle and ovulation window, it’s also password protected to prevent nosy passers-by from taking a peek at your personal data. You can also sync all of your data from Flo to your Apple iPhone Health app, making it easier to view all your health-related data in one spot.

Download Flo.

  1. Cycles

Although Cycles is less interactive than apps like Flo and Clue, its minimalist design helps you understand your cycle with one quick glance. The app will display your period, fertile days and PMS days, and it’s designed to be shared with your partner, whether you wish them to provide more emotional support during PMS, pick up some extra ice cream while you’re on your period, or ‘help you out’ during your fertile window if you’re trying to conceive.

Download Cycles.

  1. Eve

Designed with Generation Z (and young-at-heart Millennials) in mind, Eve is pretty in pink and fun to use. In addition to helping you predict the arrival of your period and estimate your fertile window, Eve gives users daily sex quizzes and even hosts a community of fellow Eve users – which might be particularly useful when you need moral support while PMSing, trying to conceive, or having your period.

Download Eve.

When your period tracker tells you to expect your period, be sure to have plenty of &SISTERS tampons, pads and liners (or a nüdie cup) on hand.