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Would you brave this sex position?

Would you brave this sex position?

This week Superdrug released the findings of a survey into the most ‘anxiety-inducing sex positions’. Data was collected from 1,000 people across Europe and America, all of whom were in relationships. Coming out on top was the ’69 standing up’, with 56.8% of women and 42.7% of men saying that they were least comfortable with the idea of performing this position. We can understand why just thinking about it would cause the missionary lovers amongst us to break out in hives; the logistics of performing oral sex whilst standing / upside down are quite frankly baffling! Unsurprisingly, anal sex was ranked second by both sexes, although women were significantly more anxious about it (54.6% vs. 30.5% of men). The least anxiety-inducing sex positions? Missionary, doggy style, and cowgirl. No surprises there.

The survey also explored respondents’ attitudes towards sex toys and sex acts. Introducing sexual acts such as bondage or S&M into the bedroom was considered most worrying, with  48.4% of women and 42.9% of men saying they would be anxious trying this for the first time with a partner. 

Experimenting in the bedroom can be very daunting, especially if it is outside of a close relationship. One is perhaps at their most vulnerable during sex; naked and often expected to contort the body into seemingly impossible positions. The study does well to emphasise the importance of communication and honesty between sexual partners. Its title – ‘Intimidating Intimacies’ – is a refreshing take on the popular discourse of sexual experimentation. Our take away? The need to recognise and open up about the ways in which sex can be nerve wracking as well as pleasure inducing. Superdrug’s focus on sexual anxieties marks a step in the right direction. Visit their Online Doctor service for convenient access to information and guidance about sexual health.


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